About me

In my career, I’ve written manuals, proposals, training courses, reference guides, and scripts for audiocassette and video presentations for a number of companies and government agencies.

I share my knowledge and experience through courses offered to individual companies, on this and other websites, and through courses offered at more than 2000 colleges and universities around the world. I created this website primarily so people who know me by name can find me on the Internet. I also offer numerous training courses through my website called WordWorx-Online.com.

In my career, I’ve been an English teacher, a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor, and a technical writer. I’ve written technical documentation and training courses for telecommunications, financial, software development, computer, medical and public utilities companies. I’ve also written training programs for government agencies such as NASA, the Department of the Army, and the Department of the Navy.

My experiences have created a foundation of knowledge that enables me to bring energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to projects. By having “been there, done that,” I can show you approaches that will save you time and money. I’ve successfully helped companies get projects back on track, as well as helped plan and direct projects from beginning to completion.

Most of all, I listen to you and learn what your needs are, then come up with suggestions that are tailored to your unique circumstances. I hope to hear from you!