Write Your Company’s Style Guide

Disagreements about grammar, punctuation, and formatting are common in the workplace and can waste a lot of time. So how can you put an end to these types of arguments? Use a style guide. A style guide is a reference document that

How to learn new applications without breaking the bank (updated)

It seems like every time you read job descriptions, employers are demanding that you know a different application to be considered for a job with them. You could spend a fortune if you had to buy all of the applications that technical writers use, and once you bought them, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even […]

The Art of Asking Questions

The Art of Asking Questions It’s important for technical writers to develop the ability to ask questions skillfully, especially if the work with people from different cultures. People in other cultures have different ideas about how to ask questions. What may seem acceptable to you may seem offensive or overly intrusive to people in other […]

Office Politics and the Technical Writer

Due to the nature of our work and the differences of opinions about what we do, technical writers must be especially aware of office politics and how to handle them.

In her book, Office Politics, Marilyn Haight defines office politics like this: “Office politics is the use of one’s individual or assigned power within an employing organization for the purpose of obtaining advantages beyond one’s legitimate authority.” (Boldface mine) Read the rest of this entry

How much do technical writers make?

Surveys indicate that technical writers are paid more than other types of writers, but how much can you really make as a technical writer? The answer isn’t simple. What kind of technical documents you write, what industry you’re working in, and other factors affect how much you’re paid. While pay rates generally fall within a […]