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Office Politics and the Technical Writer

Due to the nature of our work and the differences of opinions about what we do, technical writers must be especially aware of office politics and how to handle them. In her book, Office Politics, Marilyn Haight defines office politics like this: “Office politics is the use of one’s individual or assigned power within an […]

Over 50? How to get a job in IT

IT Job Hunting at 50: Stress Value of Your Experience (via Dice News in Tech) As an older worker, it’s easy to go off recalling the “old days” and how things have – or haven’t — changed. “I remember a really fun interview a few years ago with a software developer I had worked with […]

Book review

Just discovered that my book, Your Freelance Business, was recently reviewed on’s Freelancers site. I want to thank the reviewer for saying such nice things about it. Read her review here: Book Review: Your Freelance Writing Business by Janet Underwood

Making a Strong Pitch in Your Cover Letter

Making a Strong Pitch in Your Cover Letter (via Dice News in Tech) After telling reviewers that you’re the ideal candidate for the job in the opening paragraph of your cover letter, you have to prove it. That’s what the second and third paragraphs are about. The Second Paragraph After a brief segue that describes what’s […]