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Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Would you like to learn what it’s like to be a technical writer? Have you thought about entering the well-paying field of technical writing but you aren’t sure what it’s all about? This practical course will teach you the day-to-day skills you need to succeed as a technical writer, such as how to do the following:

  • Meet your readers’ needs.
  • Conduct successful interviews with subject-matter experts.
  • Improve your grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Take screen shots with tools that you already have on your computer.
  • Look at common technical writing conventions and formats.
  • Use Microsoft Word to write your documents.
  • Improve your editing and proofreading skills.For more information, check with your local college or university to see if it’s offered*, or click the following link to learn more: For more information * Note: The class information and refund policies described on this website do not apply to this class. Please contact the school where you enroll for the Fundamentals of Technical Writing class for information about their policies.

The following courses are offered privately to individuals and business clients. New sessions start the second Monday of each month.

Writing Great Technical Documents

Every day, thousands of scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals write technical documents. And every day, thousands of these documents fail to achieve their desired results. Why? Because the authors failed to understand that HOW they write is just as important as WHAT they write. This focused course helps you write technical documents that get the results you want and is a perfect follow-up to the Fundamentals of Technical Writing class described above. Information button Enroll

Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker

FrameMaker is undoubtedly the “gold standard” in high-end desktop publishing applications. Around the world, technical writers use it to create very large, complex documentation. Many government agencies and large companies require that their technical writers know how to use this complicated, sometimes quirky application.  This class is most suitable for students with version 9 and later versions of Adobe FrameMaker.  Click for more information Click to enroll