Course Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of this class is to help scientists, engineers, technical writers, and other technical professionals write better technical documents. By the end of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Identify the primary types of readers of your documents and use the appropriate writing strategies to meet each type’s needs.
  • Use and develop style guides.
  • Make better word choices.
  • Write more powerful sentences.
  • Write paragraphs that flow.
  • Identify and correct common problems in technical writing.
  • Understand grammar and punctuation conventions, including technical writing conventions.
  • Understand how to write technical documents with more clarity.
  • Recognize different types of graphics and when they should be used.
  • Establish systems for proofreading and editing your documents.

This course is presented online and is designed so that students can access the released lessons at their convenience. Lessons are released one at a time. Two lessons per week are released for six weeks (a total of 12 lessons). If students wish to read the lessons on paper instead of online, they can print downloadable versions of each lesson.

Lessons are comprised of course materials, quizzes, and assignments. Two of these assignments will be written documents that will be graded by the instructor. Students also provided with links to outside resources that provide more information about the subject of each lesson. In addition to the lesson quizzes, there is a midterm exam at the end of Lesson 6 and a final exam at the end of Lesson 12. The midterm exam covers information that was presented in lessons 1-6 and the final exam covers information that was presented in lessons 7-12. Final grades (Pass/Fail) are determined by performance on the exams and written assignments.

Course Cost

$285.00 for 12 lessons, critiques of at least two documents you’ve written, tests, certificate of completion, and personal instruction. New sessions start the second Monday of each month.

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