What Students Say

“This course exceeded my expectations.”

“Janet Underwood is first rate! I have learned far more than I ever imagined I would being in her class. I found her to be a very generous teacher with an impeccable method of teaching.”

“I’ve taken other writing courses but found this the most concise and relative to my current writing assignments. So much information in so few lessons. Thank you.”

“Janet is a very good instructor. To interact in writing, letting people know to solve a problem while still praising them when something was done correctly is a true master of her craft. I would be honored to take another one of her classes!”

“This was an outstanding value for the money. I was able to take information learned and put it into use at work immediately. I feel much more confident that I can succeed in this line of work.”

“I  am glad to have taken this course. There was so much material, especially internet support material that I didn’t have time to get into, but will use for future reference.”

“This is a wonderful course. The information I received from this course was exactly what I needed out of this course. It made me aware of the improvements I need to work on, in technical writing. Thanks a lot to the instructor.  The instructor is fantastic!!”

“Another home run for Janet to share her knowledge and interest in  writing to others through this form of teaching.”

“Fantastic course! Janet, the instructor, was simply amazing. I want to take more courses with her!”

“Once again Janet has provided excellent material and insight for Tech Writer wannabes and Tech Writers just brushing up. This is the biggest bang for the buck I’ve found anywhere, and very pleased I took the course.”