Writing Great Technical Documents

Do you write technical documents? Would you like to write them better? Would you like to feel more confident about the technical documents you write?

Writing Great Technical Documents teaches you how to write more effective technical documents. In this course, you’ll learn how to write technical documents that meet your readers’ needs and get the results you want.

You’ll learn how to write more clearly and with more confidence. You’ll learn how to recognize and overcome common problems that undermine your technical documents, and how to revise your writing so that it has more power and clarity.

Target Audience

The target audience for Writing Great Technical Documents is anyone who has to write business and technical documents. It should be especially useful for engineers, software developers/consultants, medical writers, and technical writers.


Writing Great Technical Documents is taught by Janet Underwood, an award-winning technical writer and instructor of the popular Fundamentals of Technical Writing course. Her students applaud her knowledge of technical writing and her personalized approach to her subject matter.

You may have great ideas, but if you cannot communicate them effectively, you may never receive the recognition you deserve. Start Writing Great Technical Documents and learn how to write with clarity, power and style!

Course Cost

$197.00 for 12 lessons, critiques of two documents you’ve written, tests, certificate of completion, and personal instruction. New sessions start the second Monday of each month.

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