The City of Castlegar, British Columbia, is looking for help to write content for a new website. This is a temporary job. The City prefers local candidates but is willing to talk with remote candidates if they can come to their office to interview subject-matter experts.


  • The successful candidate will review each page of the website and use predetermined analytics and general knowledge of the city and its residents to determine if the content of page needs to be modified or eliminated. The goal is to get to as few pages as possible with only the information people want.
  • After the review of all of the pages is complete, the successful candidate will discuss proposed changes with each department head and then provide the City a list of pages that need changes.
  • After approval, the new content will be presented in a Word file for the website designer to add to the website.

    Time is of the essence, with the City wanting to launch the new website as soon as possible.

If You’re Interested:

You’ll need to provide the following information to the City:

  • Your resume.
  • An hourly rate or all in contract rate if you prefer to complete the project.
  • An anticipated timeline of availability for the initial work as well as when would you be available for meeting times with the Dept. Heads.

For information about how to contact the appropriate person for this job, please click here:

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